Our Services

Our Services

All of our services below come with our unwavering passion, dedication, commitment, and ability to guide our clients through whatever comes their way!

Personal Training (Giving you everything but excuses!)
We offer mobile, one-on-one personal training in-home, in-office, or on-site. Our approach is extremely comprehensive and uses the latest tools and innovative approaches available. Our flexible personal training options include:

-Wellness Coaching
-Fitness Conditioning
-Athlete/Competition Specific Training
-Virtual Training


Corrective Exercise (Let’s get you back in action!)
We believe your potential is limitless! Based on your personal capabilities we work to re-build your strength, mobility, flexibility, and quality of life to reach your personal best. Our flexible corrective exercise options include:

-Corrective Exercise
-Self Myofascial Release
-Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening
-Dynamic Stretching & Movement
-Virtual Training


Nutrition Guidance and Eduction (Your health, on a plate.)

The food that goes on our plate is the building blocks for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our nutrition guidance offers evidence-based education and weight management strategies. We blend both the science of nutrition and the components of behavioral change. We are able to customize a nutrition plan for each client based on our personal understanding of each individual, paired with the latest up-to-date information. Our nutrition guidance and education includes

-Meal Planning
-Weight Management Strategies
-Proper Food Intake
-Nutrition Tracking and Journals
-Nutrition Lifestyle Coaching
-Virtual Training


Wellness Education & Motivation (Don’t even think about listening…unless you’re ready to ACT!)
Inspiring action is our mission. We love providing quality information that propels personal transformation. From large groups and organizations to individual coaching, we help you create a lifestyle that will keep you happy, healthy, and productive. Our flexible wellness education and motivation options include:

-Motivational Speaking (Groups, Organizations, Associations)
-Corporate Workshops/Seminars/Training/Keynote
-Nutrition Education Consulting
-Performance Enhancement
-Virtual Training


Total Wellness Package (All you need, including the kitchen sink!)
This is our most comprehensive package for optimum health and wellness. We lovingly call this the “Kitchen Sink Package,” why pick and choose which areas you want to work on? Let’s just do it all, customized to your specific needs, goals and lifestyle. Are you ready for a challenge? Let’s do it! This package includes both nutrition and getting fit. Our flexible Total Wellness Package includes:

-Wellness Assessments
-Fitness Assessments
-Nutrition Consulting
-Fitness Training
-Virtual Training


Dance (You’re so cool, music plays when you walk…seriously!)
To many, dance is at the center of mind and body wellness. From gaining a mental edge and physical strength, to fun and fulfillment, dance is a strong catalyst for improvement. Dance as a form of movement therapy was the pivotal piece to reclaiming the athleticism of IW founder LaTasha Barnes, and reconnected her to a talent she had tucked away. Serving as one of the dynamic Artistic Directors, dance educators and performers with Urban Artistry Dance Company has taken her passion for dance and total wellness to new heights. She continues to be a world class competitor and cultural ambassador for Urban Dance and a living example of the beauty of a dream deferred. If you’re interested in learning more about how dance can transform your life or supplement your wellness program or for event bookings or private dance instruction contact Emily Wessel, Dir. of Operations at www.urbanartistry.org

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I saw you at a recent bridal expo. I wasn’t able to talk with you, but I am interested in hiring a personal trainer! I do have an un comming wedding in June, but my priority is to make life changes and get the figure that I have always wanted. I just wanted to see what your rates!

Laurie S

January 11, 2013 at 3:54 am Laurie Sanchez reply
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