Why We’re Different

Here’s how Imani Wellness is different:

One-On-One Training
Other companies operate a “Fitness Factory,” where random trainers read from a “basic book” of exercise. Nothing custom, and no deep understanding of the individual. Imani’s personalized one-on-one service guarantees you will have the same trainer at every session. A trainer who knows everything about you, can track your improvement, be flexible with your changes and improvements, and knows the right course of action for you personally.

We Discover Your “Why”
Achievement comes from identifying and developing new habits and personal accomplishments. Imani works with you to discover “Why” you want to transform your life so you can endure what it takes to get you there. Our life coaching skills help guide you to the right decisions in your life to achieve your full potential in everything you do.

Creating a Wellness Lifestyle
Achieving optimal health and wellness requires you and your health to be a priority. We know that life is busy, but to be successful you have to make wellness a part of your lifestyle. We work with you to design a flexible schedule around your life. We help motivate you mentally and physically to improve your mind and body.

Injury Recovery
We know how to recover after injury, chronic pain, and “debilitating” disease. Our personal experience and professional expertise allows us to understand your needs, customize a plan, and remain flexible. We work with you to mentally and physically re-build your life.

Wellness Partner
Nothing worth celebrating ever happens alone, and your health and wellness is the same. We look at ourselves as your wellness partner, to be there every step of the way to guide and coach you to success. We are in constant contact with you, explaining your situation, educating you, and helping you remain true to yourself and your commitment to health and wellness.

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