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A word about faith…

Most of you know that I’m an intense advocate of including positive and affirming mental conditioning alongside physical training.  What many of you may not know is the depth of the struggle that I have had to climb out of, on more than one occasion, to do the work needed to be positive, be healthy, put in the work to achieve goals I’ve set or heck to even maintain focus on the vision I’ve set for myself.

So the question is: What is one to do when the “fire” just isn’t there, or you can’t seem to muster the last ounce of motivation?  The answer is simple to say, “move in faith.”   – but employing it is an entirely different journey. In my own meditation (which is one of the tools I use to re-center) I tried to create a broader statement regarding the power of faith, the benefits, etc. to be able to reference to boost my spirits if they got low again.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to put the right worlds together so I sought out a resource :) Since I regularly find truly inspiring guidance from the affirmative messages of Life Coach and Spiritual Leader Ms. Iyanla Vanzant, I immediately turned to her book ‘Acts of Faith’.  For those of you who follow Imani Wellness or myself on FaceBook, I photograph and share readings from it quite often. So allow me to share a passage that encouraged me today regarding working in and having Faith…


” Faith must inspire action. It alone cannot be verbal. Mental faith is insufficient. Faith is not believing, trying or hoping.  It is the knowing by which you do.  Faith develops endurance to face the trials without being attempted to stop. Faith produces doers.  Those who understand fewness of words, greatness of deeds are a measure of true faith.  Faith is obedience to the urgings of the spirit, the porthole through which all things have their being. Faith controls the tongue, soothes the head and stifles the lust to complain.  Faith produces patience. Your life is the only true measure of your faith. Your words and actions determine the fullness of your cup.  If there is anyone or anything of unworthiness in your life you must ask yourself, ” To what am I giving my faith?”

I put my faith in only those things that produce good for me.”

Pretty powerful and encouraging right!  We’ll talk more about specific applications at a later time, for now… Have faith and





Welcome Back!!!!

Sooooooo….. yea……it’s been a while since I’ve created a post for my blog here and I do apologize for my absence.  Though many of you have continued to follow my thoughts and advice on the Imani Wellness FB page ( and I thank you for that :) many of you have expressed that they haven’t  been as great as getting your regular dose of LiveWell inspiration here.

I thank those of you who encouraged (demanded) that I get back to sharing all that I’m learning, experiencing, growing in and invite you to do the same with me – here in comments and via other media.  So to begin again I simply say “Welcome Back” to you all… and myself !

I will be posting as the mood strikes and revisiting some topics that I neglected to share in the past. If any of you have any topics that you’d like to share for insight or discussion feel free to email me. Looking forward to our collective inspiration!!

Let’s Get It!


Mighty Mouse ... my alter ego :) Mighty Mouse … my alter ego :)



Sharing the Health Pt 2…

Thanks to all our Imani LiveWell Family who came out to The Vitamin Shoppe at Pentagon Row on June 22nd to help us share the love and possibility of optimal health!! This 2nd installment of The Vitamin Shoppe’s effort to continue to inspire and educate the communities that host their retail stores about Vitamin Shoppes products, services and partner services was a rousing success!

Fantastic whole food smoothies and raw food tastings and lectures. Juicing education and tasting from the Vitamin Shoppes own super healthy staff (always a great thing to see staff using their own products!) And of course body composition analysis and health education from yours truly & our Imani Wellness team. It was so wonderful to connect more with our Arlington community and introduce the SandBell and TRX to not just attendees but to our wellness collaborators at LA Fitness (ya’ll need to get these tools in your facility quick). Folks were definitely working for those free sessions and Sports Authority gift cards that we gave away with the Sandbell Slam Challenge and Jump Rope battles!! Too much fun!

We hear tale that the Vitamin Shoppe’s next Share the Health Expo will be in August… make plans to be there and get in on the fun!!

Live Well!!



International Soul Society Festival 2013 Dancers Prep…

For the last 4 years, around mid-Spring the Washington, DC Urban Arts scene has been blessed with the creative genius, overwhelming warrior spirit and all around amazingness of International Pioneers and Achievers in Dance, Graffiti, MC’ing and Dj’ing when they come here to celebrate at the International Soul Society Festival.

Presented by Urban Artistry and a host of wonderful sponsors the festival, now in its 5th glorious year, promises to shatter the awesomeness of previous years with the expansion of it’s unique Cypher battles and International Level Qualifying events.

As a dancer and one of the coordinating directors, it’s always a challenge to manage the energy and creativity levels needed to sustain a 7 day intensive like ISSF.  When & how to prepare, when to rest, when to just get down and let creativity flow – all of these factors are immensely important when preparing to host, run and interact at an international event. While creativity will always be an individual journey, the physical needs are something that can be planned and prepared for.

That said, we’ve created a quick a guide of how to plan your training regimen for the next few weeks in preparation for “The party of the year”.

International Soul Society 2013 Prep

This guide is just meant to be a skeleton to work from, changes necessitated by your body’s needs should be incorporated. Do not make the mistake of ignoring the rest days because you believe you’re the biggest and baddest. Every body needs rest, if you negate this fact, your body will let you know it. Over training can often have a worse effect on the body than inadequate training, so be sure to treat your body well. Engaging in active rest activities like swimming, yoga or massage can be extremely re-energizing and recovery enhancing.

I know, I know … the Prep Plan doesn’t mention anything about Nutrition… that’s coming next :) This fact does create a great soap box opportunity for our Nutrition speech. “Not every meal plan is for every body.” Sure eating only veggies sounds great…unless you have an unknown allergy to mass amounts of them. Same with proteins, supplements and grains. Don’t make the mistake of believing that conditions and ailments like asthma, bloating, or IBS are “normal” or just have to be tolerated. Change what your are putting INto your body and you will see better results and functionality come OUT. We’ll talk more about that in our next entry :)

In the meantime grab your running shoes, jump rope or stability ball and get to work! Come May 6th we’ve got a lot of dancing and celebrating to do… make sure you’re ready to get it in and enjoy every moment!.



TB :)



Let’s Share the Health!!

Of all the tremendously amazing developments that have come about for Imani Wellness in this awesome new year ( and we apologize for not posting all of them yet :), partnering with The Vitamin Shoppe to be an advocate for Total Wellness Living has been one of the most exciting!  After their awesome presence at Imani Wellness’ very first LiveWell Expo this past Jan, I was absolutely over the moon when they asked us to participate in their National Wellness event at our Potomac Yard Vitamin Shoppe location. This promises to be an incredible event!!

Enjoy free samples, education and activities!  The first 50 customers receive a Gift Bag (while supplies last).

Gift bag will include:
– 3rd party product samples
– Amazing Wellness Magazine
– Muscle & Performance Magazine
– Renew You booklet
– Weight Management Support booklet

Product Samples From:
1. Nutrex
2. Nordic Naturals
3. Boiron
4. Aubrey

Now, you all know what a boundless bundle of positivity and fun we are so come on out and add your energy to the fun at the Potomac Yard store between 11a and 2p this Sat, March 2nd.  Tons of fun, games, and wellness education by Yours Truly and many other wonderful wellness providers available to you here in NoVa. And we may even have a foot race or push-up contest – so dress athletically!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!




All I Want for Christmas Is a Reality Check
(Thrive Guide Pt 2)…

We all get wrapped up in the holidays, present tinsel-covered company included. The trouble starts when we allow the glow of twinkling lights, the buzz of egg nog and the lure of nostalgia to color our expectations. You know what I’m talking about: the perfect family, gathering around a immaculately set table, filled with locally sourced fixins, prepared by the calm, cool woman of the house, who’s spent all day preparing the meal for her completely appreciative brood.  Through some holiday miracle, she’s managed to  escape the “not mandatory but you’ll look like a jerk for skipping it” work holiday party, dedicate her week to rivaling Martha Stewart in decor sophistication, convince her children to put their phones away and still make every last-minute guest feel welcome and fill every awkward pause in conversation.

While this image may seem familiar, do you actually know anyone like this (who isn’t one Elf on the Shelf away from a nervous breakdown)?  No, of course not. This woman is a work of fiction — a dangerous ghost of Christmas Never. This holiday apparition can be seen lurking around the ER this time of year, it’s busiest thanks to what many health workers I know call the Holiday Heart Attack. Not an actual heart attack, this  psycho-somatic manifestation of the angst, pressure and other heightened expectations is side effect of our pursuit of The Perfect Holiday.

So how do we stay out of the ER and off one another’s last nerve? One approach is to get back to the bare-boned, tinsel-free basics. Forget the gifts, the lavish parties and all the trappings and simply celebrate family and the birth of Christ. And many who know me know I’ve taken this approach a few times, especially after a large investment or purchase (my first home and my second home) or during a significant transition. My inner Holly Jolly was silenced by a much louder  Save It Sister who kept  reminding me that it’s not responsible to spend money I needed to save.  If people in your life can’t accept that, too bad! They can celebrate with the side of the family fully wrapped up in the craziness.

If a Christmas blackout sounds too extreme,  then follow my Five to Thrive, not just Survive the Holidays tips.

1. Celebrate the past. Take a moment to revisit holidays you’ve experienced and revel in the moments that you cherished. Share those memories with new people in your life and ask them to share their good ones, too.  Write down the things that made those moments great.
2. Plan on it. You’re less likely to be overwhelmed by “everything you have to do” if you are the one deciding exactly what you want to do.  Create a list of Holiday Awesomeness. Put only those things you can feasibly and without significantly raising your heart rate  make happen (host or re-create) or request to have happen.
3. Spread the joy — and Christmas list.  Your friends and family don’t magically become mind readers in December.  Talk to them about the kind of holiday celebration you want. If this is the year for the big blow-out, they need advance notice too. If it’s  a quiet romantic Christmas with your Hunny, they need to know so as to not take it personally. Don’t ever expect to get what you want if you won’t be bold enough to ask for it! You never know who may want to help or who needs to hear someone else ask for what they want in order to be empowered to ask for what they want in their own life!  Along with that be sure to allow people to help you, in a capacity that is comfortable for you, if they offer to do so :)
4. Back to life, back to reality.  Remember you’re living in the real world where tough things happen. You may not be in the merriest of moods this year, your spouse may be going through a tough time at work,  you may have lost a loved one. . For example, my family lost our matriarch Thanksgiving 2011. Last year was a challenge — and this year has been tough at times.  But, we were all clear that while we were struggling, the most important thing we could do for one another and for my grandmother was to be together. I cancelled some clients to travel to Richmond early for Thanksgiving and stay longer after Christmas to be present for my family and to receive their love as well. Always start with a positive frame, but remember that not everyone may be ‘up’ this year.
5. Cut yourself some slack –– starting with the calendar.
Check your calendar and list of those you wish (or need) to celebrate with. Choose the best time for everyone to come together. Some events will have to be missed, some may be amplified either way make your plans work for you. Remember the Amazing Holiday experience you designed for yourself in Step 2. If your grand plan or solitary snugglefest have to wait until next month or next year, put it on your dream board and remind people as it nears, so they can adjust as well.

Attitude and gratitude matter this time of year more than ever. Be the experience you hope to recall without regret when you look back in 2013. Smile, laugh, dance, cry — just do so with authenticity. Regardless of what you plan, what you hope, what you forget to pack, what happens or what you buy,  remember to be joyful, grateful and loving in your celebration. And leave the Ghost of Christmas Never off the invite list.


Jingle Bells!


* expertly edited by Amanda Long – she’s super awesome :)


Live Well Holiday Thriving Guide Pt.1

As we draw closer to everyone’s favorite (or most nerve wracking ) time of year “The Holiday’s” I’ve have been inundated with questions and coaching requests for ways to be healthier, less stressed and stay sane during the family togetherness moments we’ll share over the next 2 months. Of course always wanting to be the most efficient I can be I decided a blog series on ‘Thriving through the Holidays’ was in order.

For Part 1 we’ll tackle one concern I’ve received yesterday… Planning .

Type A personalities, control freaks, and high stress individuals listen up! This rule however is not just for the control freaks – everyone needs to follow this. Your key to thriving this holiday season is going to be communicating effectively. Not just sharing what it is the YOU desire and envision for the “perfect” family gathering, but to ASK your family and friends what they would like and need this year as well. Allowing people to assume each other’s desires and needs only leads to arguing, bickering and lots of harmful words and hurt feelings and lots and lots of stress. It does not matter if your desires are at odds with your friends and family, the important thing is for everyone involved to be aware of what is important to the other and to start a dialogue that at least allows everyone’s needs to be heard. Now don’t make the mistake of taking this advice as license to bulldoze your loved ones with your desires, unless serious health and family concerns deem it necessary, and if that is the case more often that not you request will be agreed to reluctantly and supported by a few key players as well. Case in point, I have taken over my family’s Thanksgiving Celebration. It is the first anniversary of my Great Grandmother’s passing and the celebration of a new family home, a bittersweet but joyous time. This past year however our family has also battled breast cancer, stroke, heart trouble, diabetes, nerve related back and hip trouble, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and arthritis.  Needless to say the typical African-American Soul Food Thanksgiving is not a good idea. The meal plan is being overhauled and lightened -but will still be delicious and exercise will be included in the family fun time this year to serve as an educational time and expression of love and desire for everyone to be their absolute best this coming year.

Now – after you’ve clearly and humanely communicated amongst your celebrants your next task is to coordinate and plan your time. My best trick for this has been to write out a list of everyone and their desires or concerns and see how everything can be incorporated or modified to satisfy everyone. With that done and your list in hand here’s where you get a BIG dose of real life – everyone doesn’t have to do everything together!  Yes, the ideal of family time is for everyone to come together and celebrate. However, if folks are hell bent on doing ‘their own thing’ –  LET THEM! Don’t have a coronary about a teenage member wanting to text or  Facebook all day or about your mother-in-law wanting Pig Ears &  Hog Mog. The best way to mitigate these potential trouble spots is to make your boundaries known and if needed show them how their choice will affect the group as a whole but then let them make their own decisions. Give people the space to do what they want if their desires cannot be incorporated into the plan but be sure to let everyone know that while there are responsibilities, that there are also options to the Holiday Plan.

Now that you have a plan in mind, we have to figure out how & when to implement the plan…. next blog…. Time Management.

Feel free to share how you plan to Thrive through the Holidays!!

Live Well




Being Ok…

From the Desk of LaTasha Barnes: 

In our pursuit of our dreams or higher achievements we often times burden ourselves unnecessarily with the pressure and angst of being the greatest. While being the best is a worthwhile goal, sometimes it is not a feasible possibility for certain endeavors, given the affect of life circumstances (i.e. time constraints, fund depletion, illness, etc).

We all recognize that under ideal circumstances we can all be ‘The Greatest of All Time at (insert goal)’. But this is real life, and in real life you don’t always get your ideal situation every time. Sometimes in the process of achieving your goal you will be tested 1) to see how badly you want it, and 2) to see how well you can stay engaged in the rest of your life while working towards or having achieved the goal.

When the factors of life seem to weigh on you and you begin to stress about doing the best, rather than simply being your best given the situation, that is when you need to 1) thank God for the opportunity and the lesson you are learning and 2) accept that you may have to just settle for an ‘ok’ performance rather than a perfect one.

I know I work hard to do be my best at every opportunity and my closest friends and fam probably see me as a perfectionist 😉 but with everything we are working on and towards in Imani Wellness and Urban Artistry sometimes perfection is not a true possibility – even if I like to think so (always acknowledge reality, but stay insanely optimistic). Sometimes you have to step back from the work at hand and accept what is. Sometimes you have to choose to just complete the task rather than shine at it. In the grande scheme of things, sometimes the simple completion of 1 task of 10 is more valuable than a prize winning completion. Sometimes performing ‘Ok’ is good enough.

I say this to you not to give license to naysayers or to negative mindsets and behaviors, but to encourage you to give yourself a break from time to time. We all work hard to build and maintain our lives, dreams and families, sometimes your ‘perfect’ picture comes after a not so perfect struggle/event. Sometimes we have to be Ok with not being perfect, in order to be ok we have to commit to a few ideas.

1) I am choosing to acknowledge that Ok is Ok on a regular basis. Just because I am capable of being the best, doesn’t mean I HAVE to be the best at every turn. 2) I am choosing not to sweat the small stuff and to let stress roll off my back like a polished marble statue in the rain. Stress only makes me look like the work I do is weighing on me and tearing me down; I am building my dreams full-time or working my current situations to be able to build my dreams full-time therefore EVERYTHING I do is exciting, gratifying and energizing to do.  3) I choose to differentiate between my best, my good, and my ‘Ok’ performance.  I know that each situation along my journey will require a different application of knowledge and effort, and given my circumstances I am accepting of the effort that will continue to move me toward my goal.

Simply put: Progress, no matter how small is still a win :)

Always begin a thing with the intent to win!

Just some thoughts from my journal after a discussion with my wonderfully loving and accomplished husband regarding his level of stress and a current situation we are navigating.

Be Ok, with Ok :)

Live Well :)



Compression Passion…

Functioning as I do between two physically demanding careers, dance and fitness, I am always on the lookout for the latest tools, tips, tricks and products to aid me in performing my best. I know that the science of compression garments are not a new thing, I’ve used them back in my Powerlifting days in my bench shirt with great results and even further back than that in middle school with the Neoprene Sleeve I wore around my thigh to mitigate a torn quad in order to continue competing in track & field events.

Since beginning to travel extensively for both careers the greatest affecter (I think thats how I want to phrase this :) to my physical performance has been the pressurization and elevation of air planes and the resultant swelling of my legs and feet after journeys like the one we just took to St. Petersburg, Russia. Normally during flight, I have twinges, twitches and sometimes spasms and deep aching as my muscles endure the imposed sitting position and pressure of the cabin for hours on end. After a DVT scare a few journeys ago, Belarus back in Jan, I vowed to belay my assumptions that stocking were for little old ladies and snagged a pair of Miracle Socks. The insistence of my fantabulous massage therapist, Amanda Long ( along with her stories of athlete deaths due to clotting – Thanks again A :) were helpful in helping to complete my purchase.

Now the science is this:

Anti-Embolism Compression Stockings

These stockings are are used to support the venous and lymphatic drainage of the leg. Like gradient compression stockings, anti-embolism stockings deliver a distributed amount of compression at the ankle and up the leg. This compression, when combined with the muscle pump effect of the calf, aids in circulating blood and lymph fluid through the legs (in non-ambulatory patients).

Like I said before compression garments have been in use athletically for years and employed to improve the efficiency of muscles by stabilizing muscles and improving circulation/ lactic acid removal. (summarized from Wikipedia and Mayo Clinic websites)

The results were this:


Using the compression socks in conjunction with the recommended in flight exercises, i.e. ankle flexion & rotations, leg extensions, knee raises, etc. my in flight and post flight experiences were absolutely incredible. I wish I hadn’t been so silly as to not try these before! Rather than feeling like a stuffed sausage in a too small casing below the knee, as I usually do after a long flight (7+hrs), I felt invigorated, supported and ready to go.

Even though the Miracle Socks are the brand sold in informercials, the technology and results were still the same according to web reviews, and might I add they were infinitely more stylish than some medical offerings :)

The gradual compression of the stockings felt a little snug at first fit but eventually felt comforting as the flight went on. I had significantly less muscle spasms, twitches, twinges as well. I only felt them a few times during the flight and only above the knee (which is making me consider trying the thigh high versions on my next flight) but it was incredible.

I will definitely have to venture back into the athletic compression garment world and report on the results of my performance with them. Especially with options like these:

But in the meantime, I am 100% a fan and advocate of compression stockings for airline travel. Not having to deal with the pins & needles sensation of trying to regain normal circulation in my feet after a flight or over analyzing every palpitation, swollen area and cough for fear of DVT are absolutely wonderful!

Of course they are invaluable for extensive travel but I would even expect that they feel great after a short hop as well. Try them yourself and let me know your thoughts.


Live Well, Travel Well 😉




Workplace Wellness at its finest…

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  That is the only way to describe the wave of  excitement surrounding us right now.

I recently attended and exhibited at the 2012 Healthiest Employers Expo hosted by The Washington Business Journal at the Grand Hyatt, September 20th here in DC. It was an amazingly successful and informative event attended by over 400 representatives from the DC areas Workplace Wellness champions. Every business from start-ups to the well-seasoned sharing and receiving creativity and motivation to develop bigger and better wellness opportunities for their organizations. While I will certainly be bringing along my new trainers and staff to next year’s event it was a blessing to have moments to myself to take in the awesomeness of the confidence and purposefulness that one year can bring along with growing and empowering your network.

I first attended the Healthiest Expo in 2011 – WBJ’s very first event, and did not use the table I purchased because I didn’t have anything to really exhibit – or so I thought at the time. I was blown away by how many visionaries in the wellness industry were operating here in DC ( and scheduled to be exhibiting or speaking at the event), and by blown away I mean I was intimidated and thought my little personal training business wasn’t something no one wanted to know about 😛

While manning the table for my strategic partner Dr. Jen Faber, President of Kinetic Health Alternatives, I was thrilled to learn that many of our concepts and areas of service (training, assessment, coaching, nutrition education, leadership, team building, etc.) where severely untapped. With this awareness I set out from the expo with a few contacts but more than that a firm mind to clearly define the Imani Wellness niche, our brand and to solidify our corporate offerings so that next year we would not only have information to present, but proven service and obvious passion for the corporate wellness mission. With the awesomeness of the Personality Driven Media team and it’s President Ryan Prucker we  spread our word, chicly and fiercely and one year, numerous speaking engagements, scores of individual clients and a few corporate ventures later it was time for the expo again.

Not only was I so amped that I couldn’t get to sleep the night before. I was so aware of how unique and awesome Imani Wellness is, and can be to any wellness program (individual or corporate), that I didn’t even feel nervous when a representative ( that I was dying to chat with the first year but was too awestruck by, who is a head honcho for ONE of the largest network radio conglomerates in the US – i’ll let you figure out which group :) ), came over to my table. Not me chasing her down after a presentation – she came to me  interested in what Imani Wellness can offer and how we might support their community health awareness events and internal wellness education programs … … … just because I looked excited and passionate about being there.  I am claiming right now that not only will she ask me to spearhead their education and outreach efforts but that Imani Wellness will have to amplify our education accreditation to teach other trainers and coaches our method to fill the need of this one corporate wellness venture alone. The angel investors and other funding to support the needed staff for the 15 other interested firms will come simultaneously as well. We were on fire if I do say so myself… and I do :) What was even more motivating was to look across the next table and see my strategic partners just as engaged and just as excited about growing with their “dream” partners too.

Our first year my smile and this was our presence :








With our uniquely effervescent energy, attentive delivery and full service wellness availability and a year of fantastic growth and success this was Imani Wellness’s presence in 2012:

If you haven’t been able to tell, this was a truly transformative experience for me and several others in attendance this year.  While this expo first and foremost was begun as a way to motivate organizations to go above and beyond to see who could create the best health conscious cultures and workplace wellness programs for their employees, it has served as a platform for the innovative of wellness services and experiences in the industry and affirmed the commitment of program managers and providers alike to give their absolute best to this burgeoning industry …. and this is only its second year!

If my own overflowing joy and excitement weren’t enough, I also had the pleasure of inviting a budding wellness professional I had the pleasure of meeting at a local community fair to come to the expo and luncheon. When first we met, Lauren, who is an aspiring Wellness Coach, immediately expressed her desire to touch more lives, inspire greater change and see people commit to healthier ways of being (sound like anyone else you know :) She had just begun her business and was trying to do as much as she could to get it going. Knowing how motivated I was coming out of the expo last year I knew it would be just as inspirational to her as it was for me, AND BOY WAS IT.

She was talking about her ideas for this company, and that community, for this project and this person she met…she was FULLY locked in to her vision for her business’ role in this areas wellness industry and for it’s future growth. As I already mentioned there were an abundance of great contacts made at this event that I have already begun to follow up with, but all that aside to be able to provide someone with access to the opportunities that inspired me…was priceless.

I cannot thank the folks of WBJ and United Healthcare enough for hosting and sponsoring this keystone DC wellness industry event.  I sincerely look forward to sharing the life changing, awe-inspiring and just downright fantastical (YES- I said fantastical!) partnerships, experiences and growth that result from this event.





Imani Wellness