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Dream. Believe. Achieve

Welcome to Imani Wellness!

We put the personal back into personal training. We are a mobile wellness provider that brings total mind and body wellness to you. We understand what it takes to transform your life or recover from injury. We demand commitment while offering the support and motivation to overcome any obstacle and achieve your personal best.

Imani Wellness is led by LaTasha Barnes, who combines her 15-year career in personal training, with the discipline of her military training to focus on wellness. This includes life coaching, one-on-one training, injury recovery training and injury prevention training. Tasha’s personal story of overcoming a traumatic injury is a living example of how every experience in life can have a positive purpose.

Our core focus is to help you Dream, Believe, and Achieve. So let’s do it!

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Why choose us

Personal Commitment

Commitment phobes need not apply. Imani Wellness is selective in who we train. We offer full support, but demand accountability from you. Your full commitment and mental preparedness are necessary for achieving success.

One-On-One Training

Imani’s personalized one-on-one service guarantees you will have the same trainer at every session. A trainer who knows everything about you, can track your improvement, be flexible with your changes and knows the right course of action for you personally.  

Discover Your “Why”

Achievement comes from identifying and developing new habits and personal accomplishments. Imani works with you to discover “Why” you want to transform your life so you can endure what it takes to get you there.

Wellness Lifestyle

We know that life is busy, but to be successful you have to make wellness a part of your lifestyle. We work with you to design a flexible schedule around your life. We help motivate you mentally and physically to improve your life.

Imani Wellness